Interior Trend: Floral Bedding


I love to spend a weekend in bed with a hot chocolate, some nibblings and a good book. Now spring is just around the corner and I can’t wait to treat myself with a new pair of chic bed linnen. Myself fell in love with this bedding from designer Anne De Soléne. The floral pattern gives my bedroom a romatic, fresh touch and the pattern is on top so trendy right now. If you have a look at Vogue Living, Country Living, Living at Home or any other high class home magazine, you’ll see flower prints everywhere.  

Did you know: Nowadays many of our bed linens are produced in Asia and shiped in big containers overseas. To prevent them from moulding while on sea, the fabrics are soaked with pesticides, which can cause several dangerous health problems. If you want to avoid these chemicals, make sure your bed linens are produced within Europe, as they have shorter distribution ways and therefore is no need of using fungicidal. Anne De Solénes’ products are produced in France for example, another reason to value her work.

We are spending so many hours in our bed, and yet often neglect it. But feeling comfortable in your bed is so important for a healthy sleep hygiene and better sleep in general. So why not spoil yourself with some lovely new bedclothes?

Luxury satin bed linen from Alexandre Turpault (“Quai Branly”)

I found those lovely duvet covers at Pacifio, an Austrian online shop with extravaergent and trendy fashion for your home.


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