Three Tips for Sustainable Shopping

Vinted RP 12

We live in a consumer orientated world, where buying new technical gadgets, latest fashion and way too many groceries are an every day phenomenon. Especially clothes are often bought for just one season and as soon as we get bored of it, we chuck it away. This is not only a very expensive hobby this wastefulness is furthermore becoming a huge problem for our environment: 3.5 million tonnes of garbage is produced by the world’s population every day. Scientists expect that by 2025, the number will almost double! Time to think about new and sustainable ways for shopping, to stop litter pollution.

Why not sell or swap your unwanted clothes? It is a great way to make someone else happy with your pre-loved items and you have the possibility to get something new or some extra money in return.  There are many ways to do so, but only few of us know this.Vinted RP 11

  • Did you know that some companies, like the swedish concern H&M, offer money vouchers for every bag of apparel you bring back in store? In UK, for example, you get a £5 voucher to spend in store, even if it just contains wholy socks and your old underpanties. The fabric then will be processed and used to create new clothing out of it.
  • Another option are swap-parties, where everybody bring their unwanted fashion peaces and can take other items back home in exchange. Have a look at your local newspaper or Facebook, where these events are usually promoted. Another idea is to have a swap party with your friends. It’ll be a fun afternoon and maybe you’ll finally get the lovely blouse you secretly always were jealous of.
  • Or why not make some extra money with your unwanted clothing on platforms like I’ve always been a huge fan of the German equivilant and was therefore thrilled, when the UK version launched just recently. You can basically sell, swap and shop stylish pre-loved fashion and accessorices on Vinted for little money or even get them for free. I also love to browse the catalouge and get some inspirations (like on Pinterest) for new must have items in my wardrobe. If you wanna have a look at my profile and what I am selling, click here: uk_vintagegirl.

What do you do with your unwanted fashion items?




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