Presenting Designer Jo Robinson

Bunnies, rabbits, hares, I love them all!HAM DIVING RABBIT TEA TOWEL

At a recent visit in Bath, we discovered a wonderful rabbit print for our new house, at my favourite store Bloomsbury. As soon as I saw the seesawing rabbit screen print, I knew it is the missing center piece above the sofa, that I was looking for. It also perfectly fits to our rabbit lamp Fred (yes I know, I named a lampshade!) and gives our living room a quirky touch.

I truly fell in love with this fine artwork and therefore wanted to find out more about the artist behind. This and other fantastic art is created by London based designer Jo Robinson, a farmer’s daughter who grew up in the Shires. After training as a fine artist at the Ruskin School of Drawing, she established her company HAM in 2007. HAM exhibit the wonderful live of a rabbit, a horse and a pig, three truly adorable characters for the home. For me, all of them tell their own little story and it is hard not to fall in love with all of them!


Asking Jo Robinson, what her favourite design out of all her little creatures is, she told me she especially likes the Bouncing Rabbit: “I love the fact it makes people smile – it’s also the first design I created.”.  And I absolutely agree: Her work in general leaves people with a good and positive feeling. All my friends just get a big smile on their face, when they discover our two little rabbit house members. And the next of the HAM familiy is already on my wish list: the Ski Jumping Rabbit Screen Print for winter time! Who says rabbits can only be an Easter thing?!

If you fancy one of Jo Robinsons screen prints or any other of her lovely products (tea towels, mugs, notebooks and cards), have a look at her onlineshop. British made homeware and paper goods at it’s best! ♥


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