Ten Signs You Are Addicted to Pinterest

Are you a Pinteraddict?

ten signs you are addicted to pinterest

1.  You keep saying things like… “Oh yes, I’ve seen this on Pinterest”

2. You suffer from “Pisnomnia” – the inability to get enough sleep, just because you keep cklicking “see more pins” one more time…

3. Despite the lack of sleep… You go on Pinterest before the alarm goes off in the morning (just because your inner clock says it’s ‘pin o’clock’)

4. You see something in a shop and think ‘I wish I could pin that!’

5. You try to lure your friends and family to Pinterest, as it feel less bad if everybody is doing it…

6. You open a magazine and it doesn`t take long for you to spot pictures that have been around on Pinterest for a while already

7.  Your mobile data allowance disappears within days, if there is no w-lan available, as you keep scrolling down the main page of pinterest for the latest pins

8.  Your friends will find out about big life changing events in your life BEFORE you tell them, as they can see what you are pinning (baby clothes, wedding invitations…)

9. It is not a good day unless there is some pinning and pin searching involved

10. You saw the headline of this article and thought- “oh, let’s check that out” (let’s be honest, deep down inside, you already know you are a ‘Pinterest-addict’)

In the unlikely event you have no idea what Pinterets is, I highly recommend you to have a look at it. It is a wonderful opportunity to get inspirations for your interior design, latest fashion and beauty trends and wonderful crafting ideas for all seasons. But don’t tell me I haven’t warned you about the potential addiction….

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coraloves Pinterest_addiction

coraloves Pinterest

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