Perfect Calendars for Busy Bees


Are you one of those people who can’t live without a calendar? Full with notes, extra post-its and lots of paper, it is the life-line to organise the chaotic every day life. Leaving the house without it? A disaster! In the past I used many different calendars from Moleskine, Leuchtturm, Cath Kidston and many more. But there was never enough space for all my projects and ideas.

A few days ago, I discovered the perfect calendar for busy bees like us! Angelia Trinidad, founder and designer of Passion Planner, found a cure for it with her calendar. Actually, it is more than just a calendar: it’ll be your best friend, a life coach and shrink with whom you can share all your great thoughts. This planner is full with inspirational and motivational quotes, weekly challenges such as ‘Good Things That Happened…’, spaces for mind maps and different To Do Lists, to organise your ideas and plans for conquering the world (or just a busy month).

Passion Planner Screenshot

If you wanna find out more about the story and the person behind ‘Passion Planner’, have a look at this inspiring video:

So far you can only order it online from the States, but I am pretty sure they’ll be also available in European shops very soon. In the meantime you can print out a PDF of the 2015 planner for FREE*! For a limited time only, all of Angelia’s lovely design work can be downloaded from her page [klick]- so hurry, my busy bees, and enjoy a new form of planning and organising your “Alltag” (German for the daily routine).

*Contributions are of course welcome though. They will be donated 100% to a charity.

Looking for more wonderful calendar inspirations?

BB£ 8826 1 - Calendars - Web Banner

The next genius Must Have, to controll your hectic life, is the couples planner from BusyB. For years I was looking for a monthly organiser with a storage solution, but all that was available were family calendars. But hey, couples can have a crazy and busy life too, where organisation is essential, right? So I was thrilled when I found BusyB’s planner: it comes in an adorable design and comprises a handy pocket for all those appointment letters, invitations, shopping lists etc. This smart planner shows your schedules (one column for each of you) alongside a column for that all-important ‘us time’, plus space to write down birthdays and national holidays. The little stickers that come with the calendar are very handy too and so pretty, that I use them for decoarting my Snail Mail and other craft projects.

My friends in Germany also love the BusyB calendars, and every winter my suitcase is on the edge of the airline’s weight limit, carrying a dozen of them with me for them.  For those of you who don’t have a crazy friend like me (who leaves her knickers and other essential clothing behind, just to have enough space for all the souvenirs), the calendars and other adorable products from BusyB can be purchased online and in selected stores in UK.

Couples calendar from BusyB

Have a look on their page [klick] to discover more, and don’t miss out their ‘Savvy Saver Sets’ with great offers, if you buy more than one product. Also have a look at their wonderful collection Bride to B and Baby B, you’ll love it.

 Happy organising!

Disclaimer: This article is not sponsored and simply reflects my passion for these products (in case you were wondering 😉 ). ♥


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