Shopping Tip Düsseldorf: Vintage Fabrik


Vintage Fabrik Shopping Tip in DüsseldorfMy favourite thing to do while being abroad is to shop- fullstop(!). For me there is nothing more exciting than trying to find unique and individual shops in a foreign city, explore the local style and discover beloved items for your house back home. On my journeys, I always try to find a little souvenir, that will remind me of this holiday. While clothes often last just one season, interior decoration treasures can be kept for a long time, without getting out of style. They will tell a story for many years. As I travel often and come across beautiful shops, let me share my secret favourite ones from around the world with you: first stop, Düsseldorf in Germany.

Shopping Around the World- First Stop Vintage Fabrik in Düsseldorf

When visiting my old home town Düsseldorf a few weeks ago, I stumbled across Vintage Fabrik (German for vintage factory), and the name says it all: This adorable shop is full with vintage treasures, unique art crafts, bespoken designs and pieces that reflect history,  with a modern industrial twist. There was nothing, that I wouldn’t have liked to just put in my suitcase back home to England.

 When entering the store, it feels more like visiting the home of a good old friend, whom you secretly admire for his individual interior style.

The lovely owner Tabitha, who has a ‘love for hand-made goods with a history’, collects bespoke items from around the world and presents it in her shop in Düsseldorf-Derendorf. She especially understands it to combine old with modern pieces, and when entering the store it feels more like visiting the home of a good old friend, whom you secretly admire for his individual interior style. Everything is decorated just beautifully, and antiquated pieces seem to become alife again through adorable arrangements.

Bespoke Design At Vintage Fabrik in Düsseldorf


Even if my suitcase wasn’t spacious enough for big furniture pieces like this charming vintage chest of drawers, I had the opportunity to purchase other adorable items such as a cute wristband with copper stars, and a little art work with a positive statement written on recycled brown paper (big love!). A lovely keepsake of the trip to my old hometown.

So, if you ever have the chance to visit Düsseldorf, pop into this lovely store, take a journey through furniture history and explore how wonderful an individual home design can be. To find out more about Vintage Fabrik and see more pictures, follow this link [click].

 Do you have a favourite shop somewhere in the world that is worth a visit?

Disclaimer: Thanks to Lupina and Vintage Fabrik for the pictures.

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