Rookery Manor: A Spa Day Experience

Are you looking for a little something special for Valentine’s Day or your anniversary? My dears, I have the perfect gift idea for yourself and your loved one!

It was always a dream of mine to enjoy a relaxing weekend at a luxurious spa. Sometimes you have to turn 32 and find that special someone in your life, who’ll make your wishes come true…

cora_loves turning thirty

So a day before my birthday, my partner Anthony told me to pack my bikini as we would hit the road for a spa trip by lunch tomorrow. Maybe, just maybe, I have been bouncing up and down like Flummi [German for bouncing ball] when I’ve heard this exciting news. Needless to say I could hardly sleep that night, as I was in joyful anticipation of myself chilling all birthday long like in one of those Hollywood chick flick movies.

So here we were. Excited as a little kid who has just been told they would go to Disneyland (which btw is another secret dream of mine- never too old for some fun with Minnie and Mickey Mouse), I couldn’t wait to get into the car driving towards our oasis destination. The journey itself led us through the beautiful Cheddar Gorge, were wild sheep, rams and goats were running freely on the mountain road and the massif made sure that no internet connection was available. After all it was a trip for relaxation, so a little mobile detox wasn’t the worst.

Once we arrived at the Rockery Manor I couldn’t wait to get changed and lounge myself on one of the deck chairs in the spa, that I’ve been dreaming about: with a drink in the one hand and plenty of magazines in the other. However, we needed to check into our hotel room first, which turned out to be a pleasant surprise! A big King Size bed, a wall mounted TV at least four times as big as ours (well ok, our TV is tiny, so an easy challenge to win) and a newly decorated bathroom with slated walls and a mirror with sensor light (the geek in me was in happy!).

As we were both spa virgins, we had no idea what to do next: Should we get changed in our hotel room and just walk with our slippers and bathrobes to the spa? Is the spa even behind that door or will we end up in the middle of a fancy restaurant, wearing nothing else but our tiny swimwear? The German in me just went for it: In full spa gear I confidently opened the first door, threw my towel on the first available lounger and made my way to the pool, because that’s how Germans roll [all stereotypes fulfilled].  Oh and the hydropool was nice: warmth, bubbles, a skylight… this must be heaven!

During the next couple of hours we simply unwound in the different facilities, but my favourite room was the relaxation room with comfy loungers, a tea bar offering a tasty selection of tea (try the jasmine green tea) and a sheer amount of lifestyle and interior decoration magazines on your demand. Our luxurious Spa-Break-Package also included a neck and back massage as well as a taster facial with products from the Elemis range. So many layers of heavenly scented peelings, masks and creams, seriously they made us look like 21 that night! My skin felt so smooth and even Anthony (oh yes, he enjoyed a treatment himself) developed some rosy cheeks.

Spa facilities at the Rookery Manor include:

  • relaxation areas
  • memory foam wave loungers
  • zero gravity massage chairs
  • a tranquillity room
  • steam room
  • hot rock sauna (so nice!)
  • spa garden with outdoor hot tubs
  • hydrotherapy pool with a beautiful skylight
  • gym

I also enjoyed a Brows by Mii treatment, which I will tell you more about at a later point.


Of course I have no comparison to other spas, but even when taking of my pink tinted lenses from the overall excitement of being at a spa, I would still consider coming back there for a little retreat. I particularly liked that it is quite small and therefore very intimate and not overly crowded with people. You may not have the longest list of facilities, but after all you want to unwind and not run from one pool to the other. For me it was a perfect getaway and an even more perfect birthday.

Have you been to a spa yourself? Maybe you can also recommend us further ones, we’re definitely hooked now!

P.S. This blog simply shows my personal excitement, it is definitely not sponsored – I wouldn’t say no to a sponsored trip though (in case someone from Rookery Manor reads this 😀 ).

As always, #positivevibesonly



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