Ten Signs You Are Addicted to Pinterest

Are you a Pinteraddict?

ten signs you are addicted to pinterest

1.  You keep saying things like… “Oh yes, I’ve seen this on Pinterest”

2. You suffer from “Pisnomnia” – the inability to get enough sleep, just because you keep cklicking “see more pins” one more time…

3. Despite the lack of sleep… You go on Pinterest before the alarm goes off in the morning (just because your inner clock says it’s ‘pin o’clock’) Continue reading

«Because Who Is Perfect?» Love Yourself!

I always disliked the idea of ‘standard’ sizes in the fashion industry as it discriminates most of us. Apart from the discrimination against those with a handicap: who of us can really go to a shop and buy whatever there is in our size, without it being too short, too long, too small or too big? Continue reading